Wise Woman Radio Show

Life can take us on many journeys and this opportunity came my way after I was contacted by the radio station owner, Ann Pendlebury, to bring Wise Woman Radio Show to her listeners.

She has given me the opportunity to bring the wisdom of many women to the ears of others.

You see I truly believe every single woman has the wise one inside, the one that has the deep knowing, the answers that are right for them and the courage to transform anything that has happened in their lives.

Here in the show I have so far interviewed women who support others through the menopause journey, a woman brought up in Pakistan who had to fight for an education in the UK and to marry the man she loved. A confidence coach and advocate for parents with autistic children, a natural nutritionist and many many more.

I wish to bring the stories and the wisdom of women who have had life experiences to overcome. Those who work with other women so they truly show up in their lives and shine.

Each week there will be something to spark your interest, encourage you to think deeper and something that will resonate with your soul.

To listen to the show go to https://anchor.fm/sofyastyleradio



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