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When I was offered the opportunity to have my own radio show I was absolutely thrilled. Many thanks to the lovely Ann Pendlebury for the opportunity.

Now each week, I can bring the women that are here to nurture and inspire others. 

This lady Rachel Peacock is a woman I connected with years ago when my son was small, and through a mutual friend we got to know each other.

She has a passion about crystals and healing that lights up here eyes when she talks about it, this isn't something that can be viewed on the radio but can be felt in the heart.

Its interesting how our early life can give us the breadcrumb trail that leads to what we are going to bring in adulthood.

In the interview Rachel shares how as a child she would pick the gravel off the drive of a neighbour to find the bits of crystals and stones.  Now she works with others to facilitate and support deep shifts, and open up the energy and heart of the client so healing can take place.

These are the women, this is the heart and truth about being woman, sharing the wisdom, being visible and supporting others.

Like so many I have lived the hidden life, where others didn't really know who I was or what I did, and that shift to 'showing up' with living, learning, making mistakes and growing,

Never underestimate the power you have to make a difference, never.


So tune in tonight at 9pm , Wise Woman Radio


It then becomes a podcast on 


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