Wise Woman Radio Show with Jenny Bailey

In the second part of  Wise Woman Radio Show on May 13th I interview Jenny Bailey.  A lady who has started Tales from Mother Earth, a collective conservation venture.

The whole theme of tonight's show was inspired by me reading Sir David Attenboroughs book, 'A Life on our Planet ,and the fact that as a parent I know the importance of what I leave my son to inherit. It was actually my son that bought the book for me.

Jenny has written a series of children's books to support their connection to Mother Earth. The first book being Phoebe the Bee teaching children how important bees are and what we can do to help.

These books have been so well received, her passion for her message is very clear as you listen to the show, there is much we can all do.  From simple steps there can be created a change.

Bees provide with the vast majority if what is on the shelves in our supermarkets, since covid we have all felt the impact of a few items not being available, but we know its a temporary thing. Imagine permanently losing fruits, vegetables and even chocolate, yes chocolate. We have so much to be thankful for from the smallest of beings, who give us so much.

As a mother myself I have watched first hand the joy of my young son at all that was around him, the woodlouse,the earwig, the bee, the butterfly, he connected and was fascinated by them all. Maybe the voices of women like Jenny are more a reminder for ourselves to remember that connection so we don't rob our children of what is so natural to them.

If we go back far enough in our own history we were all deeply connected to Mother Earth, to every whisper, from a blade of grass to the beat of a birds wings, maybe just maybe its time we remembered our history dear woman.

To listen live it will be 9pm on this link https://s3.citrus3.com:2000/public/SofyaStyleRadio

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