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On reading the phenomenal book by Sir David Attenborough 'A Life on Our Planet' I really wanted this weeks show to be handed over to the bees. He highlights again and again the importance of pollinators, what will happen if we lose then and its so important to empower individuals so they know what they can actually do about it.

So along comes dear Vicki Garratt, a local bee keeper from Monmouth that I feel blessed to know and she brings to this weeks show the wisdom of bees, and what we can do to support them.

She shares that we can all make a difference by allowing dandelions and daisies to grow in our back gardens, it is not just bee keepers that can help, we all can. 

Like the bees themselves that work with and in the hive, we too can create a community that is bee friendly by just allowing nature to return to our back gardens.

Vicki says

" I have been a natural beekeeper for over a year  but been a bee enthusiast for many years-honey bees, bumble bees all kinds of bees!

I live with my family in South Wales where I keep my small apiary in my garden. I am not a honey farmer but aim instead to give honey bees a sanctuary by providing a safe home in a Layens Hive.

I mostly leave the honey bees to Live undisturbed and to thrive in as natural way as possible.

In addition I also make my garden a wild space to offer food and shelter to all kinds of bees and pollinators!

My journey as a natural beekeeper is recorded on my You Tube channel 'Bee Lady Vicki'

The show airs 9pm Thursday 13th and can be listened to on


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