Courage and Fear-Sally-Saint


Those who know me and follow my work will know that I recently self-published my very first book. The title of this book is ‘The Mask’.

It is a true account of my own personal journey of healing and putting my life on a completely different path when the voice inside is stronger and the desire to change is greater than the messages that are around all of us to conform.

The process of self-publishing was a journey of courage and fear, the practical side of working out what needed doing, when and how, then the nerve-wracking moment of actually launching it. What a roller coaster ride it was.

Now here I stand with my own book in my hands, it is completing the cycle. As a child, books were a magical world for me and even now I love the smell of books. So here is my own contribution to the books that we all have the opportunity to step into.

I made a conscious choice to show the moments I am broken, overwhelmed and full of fear, to then connect the reader with the truth in their own lives, we all feel many things and we all have fears we need to step through to be free.

The choice to still go ahead with publishing my book in this current global crisis was actually not that hard a decision to make. I had already had a massive life-changing experience before Christmas when my mother passed away. I am a self-employed single parent so I didn’t let anything stop me

Resilience and the desire to share my story are top of my list and they are what I choose to cultivate right now.

So here is my offering to the world. Courage and fear can sometimes walk hand in hand when you choose to grow, Don’t let anything stop you from following your dreams and from allowing joy into your life.

What I do and have done, so can you.

Many blessings

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