The Mask

The Mask: The small book for healing and transformation. There are so many books out on the market that tell you how to heal. 'The Mask' invites, ... and move with ease into the healing journey


Writing has been a revelation to me, I have always loved to read, and it has been a lifelong friend to me, a good book. It has only been until recently that I have discovered my absolute passion for writing.
My heart lifts, and when a piece needs to be written, I am inspired by something or someone in my life. I write a lot about my parenting journey, as supporting heart centred parenting is so important. Our strong roots come from our childhood, and encouraging parents who have this same vision is so important.
I also know I am meant to pass on all that I have learnt, from my teachers in life and spirit, and writing is a very vital place and space to pass on this information. So my healing background, shamanic work, love of nature and Native American teachings, all flow through me.
I wish to share, support and connect with my writing and I feel blessed to be able to do so. 
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