The Wisdom Programme

Are you ready to step deeper into your life and the present moment?

Welcome to the sacred journey of the Wisdom Programme

 I understand the pull of the mind to keep you small keep you safe, keep you functioning how you have always functioned.
Forever jumping to the voices and opinions of others and on a cycle that is soul destroying.
Taking responsibility for everything and everyone around you but feeling totally lost yourself.

Looking for approval

Looking for love

Looking for answers

Looking to be saved

Looking for validation of your actions

People pleasing

Denying your own needs

Feeling stuck in a societal role that just doesn't fit

The list that can go on and on but mean that there is actually very little space for living for expanding and growing.



Here comes in the journey home to self

Using the powerful tool of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) we will be cultivating a feeling of safety in the body whereby your energy can come back home to YOU.

Rather than throwing out to someone else or something else the system will want to stay connected to you.

Cultivating radical self responsibility the programme and pattern of feeling responsible for others will drop.


The need to control the outcome of everything will dissolve as the ownership of your own life steps in.

Every single function that no longer serves and restricts you, was learnt, IT IS NOT YOU

With this truth you can start on the journey of release.

You see this present right now is YOURS not for living another persons life

Its yours CLAIM IT

When you have completed this programme and truly absorbed the content, you will

Be more comfortable in the present moment
Be able to allow every feeling and emotion space so it can flow and release
Become a clear listener to your own voice
Have cultivated a solid practice in EFT
Able to sense when you are slipping into the old way of functioning and CHOOSE to fill the moment with YOU
Have developed an honest relationship with yourself
Be more at peace with the past and what was taught
Harness the natural energy that is released with the nervous system relaxes
Have a clear understanding via pure experiencing of what it feels like to be totally present
feel more relaxed and respectful of self
The mind will feel clear and calm
Have a more joy filled life
Understand the power you have to truly create change by embodying your own life
Commitment to self is engaged and acknowledged

This six-week programme consists of weekly Zoom sessions 


A Private Facebook Group where daily tasks and EFT sessions will be added for 100% support every day (excluding Sundays).

A one-to-one session for each participant to bring together all that was learnt and ground it for the journey forwards

The programme is for 8 people for 8 weeks

Starting 11th September at  1.30 

To book on to this programme or if you have any questions about it, please email me ( . The cost is of £333. Payment plans available

This is for the entire eight weeks.