Wise Woman Guidance Sessions

Helping guide you to your inner wisdom


As a certified life coach and Inner Reconciliation Energy Techniques Coach and Meridian Tapping Coach (EFT)I have mingled my Reiki training, shamanic work and life experience to create a unique session for you. The energy work has been my professional journey for over 20 years.

I offer a supportive and safe environment to release that which holds you back from accessing your inner wisdom and guidance. This is your opportunity to work with a professional that will walk with you on this journey of reclaiming of self.

I love working with and empowering women, this is my calling and the resources available to you here are all for your greatest good. There will be tools given, that will be specific to your requirements and will support you on your journey.

  • So if you are woman struggling with self limiting beliefs
  • If your past feels like it is holding you back
  • Or you are craving the freedom to be authentically yourself but don't know how or where to start

I want to work with you.

So book your FREE discovery session with me today.