About Sally Saint

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I am passionate about helping women connect to their own deep and inner wisdom. 

The voice inside that whispers and roars, depending on the situation.  Every single woman has it and it is my mission to reconnect as many as possible with this empowering place. Is that you?

Whether you buy one of my books, read a blog, or book a one to one session, each is a tool to bring you home.

This inner wisdom is that which will tell you the truth in every situation, EVERY, this is the importance of reconnecting to it.

Why work with me? Below I share my life experience, my professional tools, and how I have leant in to and transformed major life experiences to become the woman I am today, here for you, ready to support and guide you home. If you would like to begin this journey of transforming personal life experiences into personal power then please do connect with me for an informal chat. Then YOUR JOURNEY BEGINS

Sally’s Story

I grew up on a small farm with my family, the youngest of four children, with an absolute love of animals but a fear of the world and the people in it. 

Both my parents had horrendous childhoods so the home they created together was loving but fearful. This led to situations and people being in the home that should never have been.

The female line of my family was extremely suppressed, and the framework was that you did as you were told, showed very little emotion to the outside world, and you learn how to brace yourself and fight.


  • I learnt how to heal myself and my body after developing M.E, a debilitating illness, at 16.
  • I became passionate about complementary therapies and what food I put into my body, resulting in my training in Usui Reiki to the level of Master, Reflexology, Massage and Shamanic practices. Life Coaching and Inner Reconciliation Energy Techniques Coach Training programme and Meridian Tapping Coach (also knowing as tapping or EFT)
  • I have learnt to work with my body, to listen to it, be guided by what it needs and when.
  • I have been abused, assaulted, bullied, controlled, suppressed and more. The accumulation of years of suppression, yet I have transformed all of these and been given a depth and wholeness BECAUSE of all of these.
  • Pain into purpose has become my personal medicine and that which I share with YOU.
  • After my mother passed in December 2019 I wrote my book on the sacred path of grieving.

Every experience I have learnt to ‘lean in’ to and in doing so I know how to guide others, I walk the path and continue to work on myself so I can give the very best to those I work with.

Contact me to find out how I can help you, who I am and why you should be working with me.