About Sally Anne Saint


I am passionate about guiding women on the journey of truly owning and cultivating their own story. The alchemy of crating pure gold from the perceived shame/guilt/fear of the past experiences.  Transforming the past means that each woman no longer feels like it is their greatest weakness but becomes their greatest strength.


The stories we tell ourselves are linked to how we view our past, this then manifests in to how we live our lives, how we show up in the world, the quality of our relationships, how we view ourselves, how safe we feel




I will support and inspire you as you step onto this journey using a combination of all of the professional tools that I have acquired over the many years of working with myself and then with other women. Interlinked with REAL LIFE experience of transforming my own past, cultivating my own story and living from this place and space every single day. 

I will lead you where I have walked

Sally’s Story

I grew up on a small farm with my family, the youngest of four children, with an absolute love of animals but a fear of the world and the people in it. 

The generational weight placed on women was to stay small, stay quiet, submit and never ever speak up, do exactly as men told you.

Having experienced numerous traumas from an early age which are a by product of the environment I was raised in,  I stepped on the self transformation path and have learnt so much on the way.  


Here are a few of them

  • I learnt how to nurture myself and my body after developing M.E, a debilitating illness, at 16.
  • I became passionate about complementary therapies and what food I put into my body, resulting in my training in Usui Reiki to the level of Master, Reflexology, Massage and Shamanic practices. Life Coaching and Inner Reconciliation Energy Techniques Coach Training programme and Meridian Tapping Coach (also knowing as tapping or EFT). These last two with a Spiritual Teacher.
  • I have learnt to work with my body, to listen to it, be guided by what it needs and when.
  • I have been abused, assaulted, bullied, controlled, suppressed and more. The accumulation of years of suppression, yet I have transformed all of these and been given a depth and wholeness BECAUSE of all of these.
  • Pain into purpose has become my personal medicine and that which I share with YOU.

Every experience I have learnt to ‘lean in’ to and in doing so I know how to guide others, I walk the path and continue to work on myself so I can give the very best to those I work with.

Contact me to find out how I can help you, who I am and why you should be working with me.