About Sally Anne Saint



I am passionate about helping women connect to their 'wisdom within' by supporting them to integrate their life experiences.

 By guiding you to step fully into your life, each moment of your past that holds you back can then be released.

This fully present state helps you to:

Understand where you come from

Understand what we were taught and by whom

Unlearn who we thought we were, leaving space for who you truly are to rise

Being fully present in your own life supports you in understanding everything is INSIDE OF YOU.

The wisdom flows from this place and space 

Outside influence and validations dissolve and the voice inside of you is truly honoured. 


Let me guide you to her 

Sally’s Story

I grew up on a small farm with my family, the youngest of four children, with an absolute love of animals but a fear of the world and the people in it. 

Both my parents were abused when young and with that unspoken trauma came a life path that was heartbreaking. and isolating to a small child. My family had no voices, I had no voice and the void pulled in the worst that life can offer. 

So much of what was experienced can not be put into words, but what can be is the way I found myself home.

From a child with no voice and a life time of abuse and trauma to the woman with a voice and a fierce passion to lead other women home.

I KNOW WHAT ITS LIKE to be completely and utterly powerless, to be put on that path from an early age is crippling. BUT I ROSE.

I found my way back to my truth

I reclaimed my power, my voice and my fire

Now each day I am lit up by the understanding that my mission is to guide women home to their truth, their wisdom, their power so THEY NEVER feel powerless again.  

Here are a few of tools I have trained in:


  • EFT Practitioner, (Emotional Freedom Technique)
  • Certified Life Coach
  • Shamanic healer
  • Usui Reiki Master

THE ONE THAT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT but the one with no certificate is that I have lived the path of the lost, the hurt, the broken, the abused, the unseen, the silent, I LIVED IT. So I UNDERSTAND.

Step by step I found my way home to ME, now let me walk with you

Contact me to find out how I can help you, who I am and why you should be working with me.