Sally-Saint-Duality-the metronome of life

The Cambridge Dictionary states that a metronome is “a device that produces a regular repeated sound like a clock, to help musicians play music at a particular speed”. We have this very same thing in our own lives and it comes under the realms of duality.

For in duality we are swung off centre, where we experience something deeply that can’t be ignored, to then find ourselves swung back the other way by the result of deep inner work.

Currently, I am going through a major life change, my mother has terminal cancer and it is cutting so deeply within that at times I am floored with the pain. I allow the intensity as there is no reason to stop it and every reason to allow it. For without the allowing of this grief I would not be able to function at all.

So I release so deep and with total acceptance of the process, to then find after this pain comes something else. Something that will always take my breath away, be it the sound of my mother’s voice on the phone, a funny moment with my son, or the birds singing outside my window. It’s like I see with true eyes and am totally planted in the moment.

When we allow the rhythm to flow it will take us on a deep journey that always brings us the opposite.

So many times people feel stuck, stuck with a situation or experience, but only being stuck because of somewhere repression and self-criticism steps in. The feeling of so many emotions being negative or bad can be deeply rooted in us, so we feel unable to be authentic and we hide. Hide how we truly feel and we lose the momentum of the metronome, for without the swing one way it has no way of coming back and creating the rhythm we need to.

Stuck is not happy or healthy, and when we look at the metronome may we all be inspired, music comes when the metronome is there as our guide, and our reminder of the beat when we cannot hear it.

Letting go can be what we fear the most but is actually what we need to do. Each of you allow the beat within your current life circumstances and allow the beauty to come in.

Many blessings

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