I sat in a field, doing the washing up in a bowl, with a tea towel spread on the earth. It was pure magic and transformed a task that for me had become a chore.


Camping in a beautiful place, with the sun shining and a totally relaxed atmosphere transformed a task that for me had become a time waster in my eyes. Something that up until then had been a daily grind, a routine that needed to be done but was far from enjoyable. The transformation got me thinking.


How many hours of the day do we all waste, trying to get something done, something out of the way, so we can get to the next task that we may view as more pleasant. How much of our day are we just trying to be somewhere else, doing something else.


A shift in perspective really made sense for me, to view all things as sacred. It is the ultimate antidote to the marketing that is in place around us everywhere, the how to save time. The implied tone that we don’t have enough of it and that everything must be done as quickly as possible.


In the supermarkets, we can now swipe to ‘save time’, the tension when I was in a queue to enter a shop recently was palpable, the rush to get in and get on with the shopping. The devices to save time, the feeling of never having enough time. I admit I have bought into it and as a self employed single parent I always viewed time was scarce and when the summer holidays approached I had a mini panic, how was I going to get everything done and still give my son a lovely holiday! Panic stations!!


In taking time out, for just a few days, it helped clear away a mind set and societal illusion, there is more than enough time, if we choose to own every minute of it and remain present with whatever we are doing.


In doing so it is a revelation to see how much time there is available, once the rush mentality is dropped, the expansive realm of time stretches out before you. When the mind slows down on its journey of projection forwards, the whole system looses one of its greatest energy wasters. Its almost like there is a dodgy extension cable embedded inside us, that leaks energy out of us but actually wouldn’t ever power a light bulb. Its non effective. Drop it and you regain this vital energy, and it can then be the fuel for your enjoyment of each moment.


There is no need to wish your life away, reclaim every precious moment and make everything you do sacred.


Many blessings

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