When you see a toddler learn how to walk, you see pure determination but also many falls and tears. How many give up? None. They do not have in their vocabulary the word ‘mistake’.


As adults we shy away from the things that didn’t quite work out or take off as we planned, we lose the drive we had as small children. How did we lose it? If it was not part of us when we were small then it is something we have learnt as we have grown, so it is another illusion passed on and down to us.


In that truth comes the gift, if we learnt it we can let it go, it is not who we truly are, beings that judge our lives and see the error in our actions is actually alien to us.


If we now survey our lives and instead of land heavily on ourselves with criticism, we allow ourselves to link to our original desires, we too can access that purity of task that we had as little ones.


The energy within us of “ I really want to do this”, can come to the fore. You may fall over and get hurt, but brush yourself off and learn from the fall. Then step up and climb off the floor, for the desire to walk and achieve that which your heart calls to you to do, is far greater than the risk of a tumble.


Tap into this inner knowing, that it is far more painful to stay where you are, to not achieve that which you are burning to do, than it is to risk a fall or two pursuing your hearts desire.


Children teach us so much, may we all embrace their spirit and step forward into the life you deserve, free from the fear of making mistakes. Allowing growth, expansion and inspiration to guide your path.


Many blessings

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