For those on the journey of self-healing there is a word that is always tantalisingly wafted around in the ethers, ‘your life path’, the very thought of it fills us with wonder but also trepidation. What is our life path? That is the main thought that can consume us and actually hold us in the path of not knowing, as our minds ponder over this we end up over analysing that which is so simple.

Our life path is before us and to access it all we have to do is put one step in front of the other, in that very gentle acceptance there is a knowing that is so profound. Accept that it is there. The figuring out puts us in the state of not knowing, and what we focus on grows, this is a well-known fact in universal law.

Let us all put our focus on the knowingness, that what we seek is already on our path, and relax. We are already seeing an illusionary society that over complicates things, this we are all too aware of. So let us not allow ourselves to reflect this, let's keep it simple.

We all have the ability to shift the cycles around us, we are all powerful when we come from the heart. All we have to do to access this unlimited positive energy and universal support is say yes.

Say yes to simplicity, say yes with your very heart and your soul will rejoice, say I AM READY. There will be an action, it may be simple, it may be big, it may be small, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you love yourself to co-create with the energies that are around you, that you understand that you are linked to the divine. The action says that you matter, that your life path and purpose are brimming with love, and that you are ready to say yes to it.

You do not have to figure out the details for it is already there, that which you seek is already there. You may not be able to see it with your eyes, but your heart and soul know it already is.

Sometimes life can see us caught in the ‘have-nots’ and in doing so we lose sight of ‘the haves’, we all have so much, we all have exactly what we need in order to open up to our journey.

So come with me, as we walk hand in hand, on the journey that is uniquely yours yet at its core is deeply connected to mine. Life paths lead to the same destination, alignment of self with our higher purpose; to step forwards with love and shine our light.

Shine your light precious one, and as we all do so, we send out a glow that envelops this world and matches the vibration of spirit. LOVE.

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