Many years ago I was in a real dilemma about vaccinations, and I was blessed to have a book recommended to me and the name of it is the above title.


There is a huge pressure to conform to the vaccination programme, and as a mother with this tiny baby in your arms who you are totally responsible for; this pressure seems enormous. You go from just being responsible for you, to a mother responsible for two, one of which has no voice that is heard in the societal system; its a heavy load.


The voices for vaccination say it is to protect your child, and that word ‘protect’ is a natural force within us when we become a parent. It is almost a key word in our vocabulary but also in every fibre of our being, we have become the tigress protecting our cub from all threats.


You have this tiny baby, your life has completely changed, no amount of books or reading prepare you for this change. You are exhausted from sleep deprivation, and then are expected to make this massive decision.


I recently spoke with a friend who had had the experience of over zealous anti vaccination pressure, it is ironic that something that is meant to inform people ends up taking the form of that we are trying to eradicate from our lives. PRESSURE.


It is so sad that so many great causes have become over shadowed with controversy and mistrust, when that happens we all must go within and find our own answer and as with all things, knowledge is the key.


Many years ago I qualified as a massage therapist and it is something so natural to take on-board as a body worker, IF SOMEONE PUSHES, YOU PUSH BACK. Its a natural response that we have inbuilt within us; yet the gentle touch is accepted and has a profound response as the body feels no need to resist, it is accepted and allowed.


I have no wish to be another pressure, so my article is a gentle door opener; it is up to you to walk through it.


When you go to the doctors and are given a medication, it comes with a white piece of paper inside the box, the tiniest writing is on this form so that they can cram the most information on it. Ingredients and possible symptoms and side effects, these side effect being from you may get a rash or temperature, to your leg may drop off! This end one being a joke but it shows the scale of symptoms that are mentioned for all medications.


So why is there not a piece of paper with every single vaccination, that is given to each family, so that they are aware of exactly what is in a vaccination? Why?


It is this clear fluid that gets injected into our children, it is given by those who tell you that you are doing THE very best thing for your baby. I am sure that they totally believe what they are telling you also, so they are coming from a caring perspective. You trust the people who are giving it to your baby, as they are also your port of call, they are there to support you on your parenting journey and are there whenever you need them. They are a life line when your world shrinks to mother and baby world, they become your support network; especially as the close knit communities are so rare.


It is companies that make these vaccinations, and they are making a massive amount of money, so it would be so simple to produce a comprehensive fact sheet with them. A fact sheet for each and every single one.


When I took my baby to the surgery to be put under the wings of the health visitor, I was given a tiny piece of paper about vaccinations, it had colour on it, it had a soothing tone, it stated that it may cause an increase in temperature and a rash. The main focus for this piece of paper was to assure me that vaccination was the right thing. There were no facts. Why?


You go to the supermarket and a jar of peanut butter states it contains nuts, every single food we buy has a massive amount of information on its side. Why oh why does this substance that is put into a tiny baby not have?


Everything is about personal choice and we all do the very best we can for our children, all I ask is that you fill this missing gap of information with facts. For I know, if my child had been born with a compromised immune system or major illness, my view point would be different. Facts that is all, facts present in the decision to have vaccinations or not.


Then make your decision from there. So find out what the ingredients are, and raise your own awareness with no debate or pressure from either side. Let this information set you free from this anxiety ridden decision. Then whatever you decide to do, you have informed yourself and will choose what is best for your child.




May your path be peaceful and your parenting come from the heart, everything else will fall into place. Love is what guides us and supports us. Many blessings.

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