Everything that comes into our lives comes for a reason, there is always a lesson to learn.


On recently buying a hoodie for my child I found a hole in the pocket, I assumed it was a fault and so wished to return it. In doing so I was given the information that the hole was actually for the flex on mobile phone earpieces to pass through the hole. There were also two material hoops on the shoulders for the said flex to be pulled through and then placed in the ears. The age on my child’s top was 7 to 8.


What hit me was the realization that mobile phone usage had become the norm for children, a world for children to disappear into that completely disconnects them from the outside world. The very thing that keeps them grounded in later life.

Children have this magical world of imagination inside of them, to rob them of this by normalizing the use of mobile phones is heartbreaking. Let alone the physical damage of tiny earpieces in tiny ears.

It is adults that make the clothes, adults that have made this handy accessory a massive part of every day life, so it is the adults that need to bring mindfulness and balance to this tool.


Have we lost sight of the eyes of our neighbour? Are we losing touch with those around us completely and treating social media as the real world? Its not, and we are leading our children down the exact same path. We are setting the example.


My concerns for children and mobile phones are these;

  • The increase and numerous links to cancer and the use of mobile phones.

  • The growth of bullying on social media

  • The disconnection from nature and others

  • The ability to become addicted to the use of it.

  • The risks of potential hearing loss and also not hearing anything around the individual, a speeding car, a bird singing, the friend who shouts ‘hi’ across the road and the small minority of individuals who pass on harm to children and adults if given the chance. For when the sense of hearing is muffled by ear pieces others may see an opportunity.


True connections with people, with animals, with nature and ultimately ourselves is being sacrificed, have we all become so afraid of the people and world around us!


I know that some children with autism benefit from the use of the earphones as it gives them time out from stressful situations, so for the parents and individuals, they are using the equipment for the greater good of the child.


For adults the phone is so useful tool, in many ways, it is here to stay and yes people made this technology. Let us just keep this tool in its place, as a useful accessory, so our children will then walk the path of balance.


As adults it is important to educate ourselves, to support our children in maintaining their childhood joy of the world around them. To help them with the positive aspects of the mobile phone when the time comes, and keep them connected to themselves and the world around them.


Many blessings

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